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Best Travel Tripod for Video

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Benro Aero four is meant for video

Dedicated tour vloggers will need a specialised tripod to create the best nice videos. One of the maximum beneficial tripods in particular for video proper now could be the Benro Aero four. With a properly designed video head and a robust set of legs under it, the Benro Aero 4 is more than capable of assisting to create appropriate films.

The frame of the Benro Aero 4 is designed very further to many other tripods on this manual. The legs and principal column are made of tough aluminum.

The tripod is pretty constant and doesn’t have much jitter too so long as Best Travel Tripod your digital camera isn’t any extra than 9lbs. At almost 6 lbs, the Benro Aero 4 is a bit at the heavy aspect even though no longer as heavy as a few other professional grade cinematography tripods.


Well-performing tripod head

Still has the features of a ordinary tripod

Easy to installation and percent away


Videographers are probable restrained to shooting Micro Four Thirds and APS-C

Some customers report that the screws of the quick launch plate are a bit wonky

Quite heavy

The legs are made from 3 sections and may be locked into fixed positions via a flipping mechanism. The legs can be organized into the standard angular distances. Note that the widest angle that the Benro Aero four’s legs may be set-up to is not as extensive as other tripods even though, consequently the tremendously high minimal height.

Like many different tripods nowadays, the Benro may be converted into a monopod as nicely. Simply put off one of the legs and fix it to the critical shaft; smooth as that!

The maximum critical part of an awesome travel video tripod is the head although. The Aero four’s flat video head is excellently designed and really efficient. Using the built-in handle, which is important to capturing properly video, the head pans very easily. There are numerous other knobs to manipulate resistance similarly. There’s a brief release plate as well so that you can mount your camera and begin taking pictures in a single short movement.




Benro Aero four Specs

Load Capacity: 8.Eight lb

Maximum Height: 65.2″

Minimum Height: 21.9″

Folded Length: 21.7″

Weight: 5.Eight lbs

Leg Sections: 3 – Flip Lock



Is the Benro Aero 4 Travel Angel For You?

Are you a videographer who desires a specialized tripod? Do you operate a smaller digital camera for video? If these sound right to you, then test out the Benro Aero four! This is one of the high-quality tour video tripods proper now way to its compact layout and fantastic flat video head.