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6 Best Cheap Email Hosting Providers Under $5/Month

Top 5 Email Marketing Malaysia 2019







Exabytes — fame and Affordability

Exabytes — fame and Affordability

Exabytes Greatest email only hosting Marketing Malaysia 2018

If you’re interested in finding popular and common email hosting in Malaysia which does not charge an arm and leg, then Exabytes is your very ideal email service for you.

Which are the characteristics of Exabytes?

Among the best company email hosting Malaysia which functions flawlessly across all devices

Access webmaildesktop and mobile in anytime

Domain hosting

Available and user friendly webmail interface

Advance attributes like message prioritization and markup (restrict the Amount of messages ship each hour or the Quantity of bandwidth used each hour to deliver messages


Synchronization of calendars, tasks, contacts and notes on desktop programs and sync with smart phones


Remote Retrieval of cellular devices

SSL/TLS, both SPF and DKIM added

Daily copies

Automatic spam filtering


24/7 and most year round service


Can Be Exabytes worthwhile?

Exabytes is among the major company email hosting company in Malaysia for ages.  They have been supplying their solutions for business owners and bloggers over the area.

Not simply they are a trustworthy email service supplier, they give ample storage space particularly when you’re sending mails with big attachments.

Concerning features and pricing, Exabytes is unquestionably worth it.

Just how much can email hosting using Exabytes prices?

Prices begins at RM 17.99 a month and it’s best match when you’ve got less than 5 customers (around 5 email addresses).

ServerFreak — An Excellent Alternative To Exabytes

ServerFreak Greatest Email Marketing Malaysia 2018

As a client together, I must tell you they are pretty excellent!

Decent cost and superb service to list a couple of ServerFreak is unquestionably among the greatest e mail hosting in Malaysia.

Everything you have to know that ServerFreak does not provide email hosting solutions.  Hosting solutions are bundled in addition to the .

Fundamentally, you want to host your site with ServerFreak until it’s possible to use their email solutions.

Which are the attributes provided by ServerFreak?

30-days Money-back Guarantee

99 percent or Greater uptime guarantee

24/7 and entire year round technical assistance

Super cheap pricing and speed construction (web hosting providers )

Can Be ServerFreak worthwhile?

I utilized ServerFreak about 7 decades back.  They should answer and I was a newcomer in WordPress and attempt to direct me.

Yes, even the majority of the queries are essentially out of the’work extent’ but they also took the opportunity to answer me.  And until today, the support amount stays the same.

It’s also essential to be aware that you may readily incorporate ServerFreak email hosting solutions with your customized domainname.  The service staff is available once you want assistance configuring that in your own server As you may want to learn how to get it done.

Just how much can email hosting using ServerFreak expenses?

For shared hosting, it now costs only a mere RM 90 annually (that is RM 7.50 a month).  There is Cloud Hosting Should you want more firepower.

SiteGround — Scalability And Comprehensive Support

SiteGround Greatest Email Marketing Malaysia 2018

Once it comes to the very best email hosting Malaysia 2019, nothing come near SiteGound as my favorite.

SiteGround provides various in-house and third-party designed alternatives to ensure you a safe, spam-free and lightning quick email expertise.  It will ensure your site is safer, quicker and much better supported than anyplace else also your email and site run on our servers!

Significant: Similar to ServerFreak, SiteGround does not provide you an standalone email hosting agency.  All email has been bundled hosting packages.

Which are the attributes provided by SiteGround?

Mail in your domain

Comprehensive and absolute mail tutorials

Considerably less junk using innovative spam management


Availability of safe protocols


24/7 assistance via telephone, live chat and email

A Big Choice of webmail clients

Constructed in anti-spam solutions


Can Be SiteGround worthwhile?

The response is yes.  I suggest and also the cause for me would be due to the server functionality.

Safety flaws and stains are finished from the SiteGround staff mechanically, thus, you don’t have to be concerned about safety issues.

Plus, with the service through live chat is unquestionably a killer motive to proceed with SiteGround.  Any issues are solved in minutes along with 24/7 is worked by their chat!

Indefinitely, SiteGround is a fantastic email hosting supplier and the only drawback is the fact it does not arrive with a office suite using it (unlike everything NameCheap really does ).

Just how much can email hosting using SiteGround expenses?

If you’re just beginning, a shared web hosting solutions begins at $3.95 a month.  Should you want more server functionality, scalability isn’t a problem as SiteGround team can track and notify you as soon as it’s time to update to some other bundle (obviously, it is completely up to you for your update ).

Organize your email address with SiteGround today!



If you’re interested in finding a save wager, GoDaddy is also your very best option.  With servers and assistance over the Earth, GoDaddy is among the greatest email.

Which are the attributes provided by GoDaddy?

Professional mail hosting service


World-class information safety and spam filtering

30-days Money-back Guarantee

Outlook net application

Is GoDaddy worthwhile?

If you’re interested in finding hassle-free email hosting at Malaysia, then GoDaddy is an wonderful option.  Rates are reasonable and encourage is ideal to none.

Just how much can email hosting with GoDaddy prices?

Email hosting with GoDaddy begins at RM 17.99 a month, per user.  If you would like a complete email hosting support to your 19, I would cover this cost.

Subscribe to GoDaddy email hosting today!

NameCheap — Amazing GoDaddy Alternative

NameCheap Greatest Email Marketing Malaysia 2018

If you’re interested in finding a fantastic alternate to GoDaddy email hosting Malaysia, then you need to consider NameCheap.

Notice: Did you realize that NameCheap is marginally more affordable than GoDaddy?

Which are the characteristics of NameCheap hosting solutions?

POP/IMAP/Webmail empowered


Safe file storage

Anti-spam defense

Mobile service

Collaboration applications between users (higher programs only)

NameCheap Permits You to handle multiple email accounts from different suppliers under a single roof


Can Be NameCheap worthwhile?

Certainly one of my company is utilizing NameCheap personal email services also it’s protected as hell.  Even the spam is complex and you’re certain to have daily, a mailbox.

Concerning support and service, it’s very simple due to the live chat accessibility every day.

I use NameCheap Private Mail solutions for benefit and reliability.  NameCheap comes with app / email app that’s a bonus and its own spam blockers is among the very finest on the marketplace.

Just how much can email hosting using NameCheap expenses?

NameCheap does not provide you any solutions in Ringgit Malaysia.

The cheapest bundle begins at $9.88 per year (RM 40 annually ) as it includes all of the basic characteristics and incorporated mailbox.  Additionally, there are programs which you are able to select from, for company.