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Let’s Encrypt TSOHost SSL Now Available — Get Your Free SSL Certificate

TSOHost have only announced support for your Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate initiative. Fantastic news today for TSOHost’s clients — among the UK’s largest web hosting providers.

I’ve been a fan of TSOHost for the various online ventures for over 6 decades, and it is an encouraging indication that they’re still keeping up with the times by devoting support free of SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt.

What’s Let’s Encrypt? It allows accessibility to free, easy to use SSL certificates and your website will have a https:/ prefix. Because it has not been more important to run a safe, protected website. By having an SSL certificate on your site it ensures information like passwords and credit card details are encrypted when transmitting between your website and your customers. And we know how important that is. Here’s the evidence:

Traditionally you’d need to pay for an SSL certificate on an ongoing basis, but authorities like Let’s Encrypt give them away free of charge. And when coupled with assistance from your site host — like TSOHost is currently doing today — it makes it easier than ever to implement.gridhost uk

Let’s Encrypt on TSOHost

For a customer of TSOHost myself, I discovered this morning there was a brand-new alternative in my hosting dashboard known as’Let’s Encrypt’. Could it be that they executed this resource?

Heading over to the TSOHost blog to explore farther, there was, affirmation that TSOHost currently support Let’s Encrypt! Read the original blog article here:

So naturally the first thing I needed to do is test it out. I manage many sites of my own, so for the rest of this article I’m going to run through an example of how to enable Let’s Encrypt on TSOHost on one of my own WordPress sites (this procedure will differ if you are using an alternative CMS).

This is only going to apply to people who host sites using the TSOHost Cloud Platform. There are risks so there is set up a thorough backup always suggested. I take no responsibility for any harm done to your site after these instructions. You comply with these instructions at your own risk.

Enable Let’s Encrypt from the TSOHost Cloud Platform

Login into your TSOHost Cloud Hosting Platform at

Choose the website you wish to empower the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on

Select the’Let us Encrypt’ icon under Advanced Management Tools gridhost uk

A automated check will subsequently need to be done to ensure your website is harmonious. Click’Check My Domains’. Unless you have any DNS settings that are awesome, this should go through easily

If successful, you’ll be given the option to’Request SSL’. This will take a moment, and once verified you will be given a notice that your site’s IP address may have changed

That’s it! Your SSL Certificate has been generated. It should seem no different, but you’ll notice there’s now a padlock in the browser.

There is a really large likelihood it’ll be orange like in this picture, or depending upon your browser, it might show an’unlocked’ icon. There are problems with the information of your site, although this means that your SSL certificate is installed and working.

If it’s revealing a green padlock, that is perfect.

But we will get back to this later.

Insert the HTTPS Redirect

Now we must add some code to the website that will automatically redirect any non-secure pages (http://) to the SSL secure version (https://).