shower remodel cost

Know Everything About Shower Remodel Cost

One of the most important parts of the washrooms, shower use a place which provides a great way to wake up in the early morning and de-stress at the end of the day. That’s why it is important to have a unique shower place with quality shower fittings and accessories at the best price. Shower accessories include shower heads, bathtubs, and shower doors.

Estimated Cost:

If you do a little workout on a shower remodel cost before actually buying the accessories so It would be very useful. In this way, you can have the shower area according to your need and at a reasonable price. Shower remodeling can be a complicated task which may require a skilled and experienced person to be hired to get the job done is a neat and effective way. The average cost of a shower installation is between $1,251 and $5,929. Following is the information which may be useful while remodeling the shower area:

Shower Type:

There are basically two main types of showers: full showers and shower-tub combination. First of all, you will have to decide which shower suits your need and which one is more suitable in your bathroom space.

  1. Shower-tub: The tubs are mostly made of fiberglass, and other materials are also available. $400- $600 is the average cost of fun and walls with $1000 or more can be installation charges depending upon the complications.
  2. Stand Alone Shower: These showers work well in small bathrooms. There are numerous styles of wall fixtures which can be upgraded easily. There are minor changes in shower remodel which can cost around $250 unless done by a professional makeover which may cost up to $4000.

Adding Tiles to the Shower:

Tiles increase the beauty and look of showers drastically. These come in many designs and colors, creating stunning designs. People are now applying more affordable and attractive ceramic tiles to their washrooms. Tiles can be applied in sheets or individually available in both small and large designs. Large tiles make space look bigger, whereas small tiles make the area look busy. Handcrafted tiles are expensive, but ceramic tiles cost almost $1.30 per square foot.

Shower Doors:

There are basically two types of doors: framed and frameless. Apart from this, glass doors can also be used which come in a variety of finishes such as clear glass, frosted glass, rain glass, tinted glass, and hammered glass. The cost of the shower doors depend upon the manufacture, finish, and type of the door. Glass doors cost almost $100- $300 whereas frameless doors cost $5000 with the installation.

Other Fixtures:

Other fixtures include shower heads and faucets, which may range around $20, and multiple setting shower head costs almost $300 depending on type and material used. Customized shelves could also be added.


A shower remodel if effectively used, can give you a convenient place for clean up. However, shower is a good investment depending upon your choice and budget.  A good choice can lead to a luxury treat.